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At Partain Therapy, we offer a comprehensive range of occupational therapy services designed to support children in reaching their full potential. Our holistic approach focuses on enhancing developmental skills, promoting independence, and fostering a love for learning through play-based therapy techniques.

Common Diagnosis Treated

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Down Syndrome
Developmental Delay
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are essential for tasks such as writing, drawing, and manipulating small objects. Our occupational therapy sessions target fine motor coordination, hand-eye coordination, and hand strength to help children master these important skills.


Sensory Processing

Sensory processing plays a crucial role in how children experience and interact with their environment. Our sensory-based interventions help children regulate their sensory system, manage sensory sensitivities, and participate more fully in daily activities.

Developmental Delays

Strengthening Exercises

Muscle strength and endurance are essential for everyday tasks such as sitting, standing, and moving about the environment. Through targeted strengthening exercises and activities, we help children build strength and improve functional mobility.


Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities are designed to engage children in purposeful play while targeting specific therapeutic goals. From sensory-rich experiences to interactive games and crafts, our therapy sessions are both fun and effective in promoting skill development.

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At Partain Therapy, we believe that children’s primary occupation is play. Through play-based therapy techniques, we help children achieve their goals and improve their developmental skills in a fun and engaging manner. Our holistic approach focuses on improving children’s ability to perform activities of daily living, empowering them to succeed in their chosen roles and occupations.